Join a team of explorers, using maps to find the way.
Island-like shape.Island-like shape.
Felt’s founders have a proven track record of innovation.

CEO Sam Hashemi's early career included designing interfaces for astronauts, scientists, judges, and other folks who were using technology from the 70s. His first company Remix scaled up to 350+ cities in 17 countries and was one of the largest software acquisitions in 2021.

His co-founder and friend of 12-years, Can Duruk, CTO, was an early engineer at Uber, Digg, UpThere and runs one of the most popular technology newsletters on the internet.
Our distributed team has raised a total of $19.5M from inspiring minds who share our vision, including Footwork, Bain Capital, Moxxie, Designer Fund, Will Larson, Yves Behar, Guillermo Rauch, Julianna Lamb, Uma Chingunde, Scott Belsky,Allison Pickens, Akshay Kothari, Dylan Field, John Lilly, and many others.
Competitive Salary & equity
Benchmarked at 75th percentile of early stage companies
Top Tier Healthcare
100% covered for you and your dependents
Work From Anywhere
Our team is distributed, works on US Timezones, and gathers together twice a year
401(k) matching
You contribute 5%, we contribute 4% – available on Day 1
5 weeks vacation
25 days paid time off per year, plus 10 company holidays
Brand New Equipment
Top of the line computer, plus a $1000 budget to create your perfect setup
Open roles
To apply, send an email to with either your Resume, LinkedIn, or Github profile.
Marketing Director
Lead our efforts around user acquisition, retention, and growth.
You'd be a good fit if:
You have seen and influenced product-led growth first hand
You know how to run experiments, learn from them, and iterate
You can identify and execute experiments for acquisition, activation, monetization and retention improvements
You are a pro at enterprise saas marketing and are excited to explore a wide range of industries and verticals
Engineering Manager
Help build and manage the team that builds Felt’s data infrastructure.
You'd be a good fit if:
You have 3+ years of management experience at a startup
You have a deep passion for empowering your team
You understand the complexities of big geospatial datasets
You focus on delivering value to users first over everything else
Map Rendering Engineer
Take our in-house map rendering technology to the next level.
You'd be a good fit if:
You’ve worked on map rendering, spatial interfaces, and similar complex scalable graphics problems
You are comfortable with WebGL, WebGPU, Canvas, and DOM APIs for graphics and know the tradeoffs involved
You're excited to work alongside cartographers creating full-stack mapping systems
You're a performance hound, with a deep understand of what it takes to get to 60 FPS
Product Designer
Help design a simple web-based mapping tool with a surprising amount of depth. Think through complex interactions, then bring them to life.
You'd be a good fit if:
You are a designer with a proven track record of  modern web app design
Have the range to move from high level concepts to detailed mocks to pairing with engineers
Enjoy designing highly interactive, fun, and unexpected UIs
Can integrate brand into the product in thoughtful ways
Web App Engineer
Help build our real-time collaboration engine, using Elixir and the OTP platform. An opportunity to scale a platform to millions of users.
You'd be a good fit if:
You are product driven and believe in doing the right thing by the user first
You know how to secure a web application, how to make it fast, and how different services interact
You have experience building a real-time collaborative platform
You’re experienced at creating content across multiple channels, and are incredibly organized
Front-end Engineer
Help build our beautiful interactive mapping front-end, pushing the boundaries of what's possible on an infinite canvas.
You'd be a good fit if:
You are obsessed with polish and performance; your work makes you proud
You understand web fundamentals and how front-end code fits into it
You have experience with React, state management, and complex web apps
You love prototyping and exploring new interactions
To apply, send an email to with either your Resume, LinkedIn, or Github profile.
Once you apply
We review your application materials.
You get on the phone with one of co-founders to learn more about you and you about us.
You take a small take-home challenge or give a presentation, depending on the role
Then, either (1) join the team for 2-4 weeks to see if you love it or (2) have a formal interview with more of the team.
Island-like shape.